Paul Landis, Secret Service agent who was with JFK on the day he was assassinated, revealing his full story in upcoming memoir

September 11, 2023

Paul Landis, one of the Secret Service agents who was riding with John F. Kennedy the day he was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, is finally telling his full story of the event six decades later.

Landis's experience on that fateful day led to him leaving the Secret Service, and he reportedly spent years trying to recover from the horrifying killing.

The former agent was just feet away from the president and stayed by his side from the race to the hospital, back to Washington D.C., and then finally saying goodbye at the state funeral.

A forthcoming memoir containing Landis' retelling of what happened that day is expected to change what has come to be accepted knowledge about what occurred, both on that day and in the years following the shocking assassination.

The killing of Kennedy has spawned many theories about who may have been involved and whether the official narrative is trustworthy.

Americans won't want to miss The Final Witness, which will be released on Oct. 10.

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