White House Has To Address Biden's Age

September 16, 2023

The White House simply has to address Joe Biden's advanced age.

It's not just a Republican comeback at this point, even some Democrats in America are starting to admit that Biden is too old, too confused, too corrupt, and too tainted to run for president again.

Not only are politicians all starting to admit that Biden is too old, but many American citizens are also coming to that conclusion on their own.

People are starting to talk about Biden's advanced age not just in angry Republican circles, but in everyday conversations across the country.

Many are seriously worried that this struggling old man is going to cause SERIOUS damage to America because he is clearly unfit to do one of the world's most demanding jobs.

A Democrat strategist recently admitted that Donald Trump's age "is the subject of dinner table conversations across America this summer."

"One of the things I can come on your program and say is that’s Fox News made-up stuff. We need to pivot to the real issues and talk about infrastructure, education, and something else. It is not what David Ignatius thinks, or James Carville thinks, or some pundit thinks it is. The American public has real doubt about this. You can see it in poll after poll after poll," he said. "The White House gets frustrated for bringing it up but they won’t stop. This will continue to be an issue. And they’re going to have to figure a way to address it and address it forthrightly. To say this is not a real issue, you have to talk about something else. That doesn’t work. It is a water cooler issue with the public. It just is. I’m sorry."

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