British Infant Indi Gregory Dies Amid Legal Battle With UK Government

November 14, 2023

A terminally ill baby named Indi Gregory had been the focus of a legal battle involving her parents, British health officials, and the Italian government.

As the bureaucrats controlled her life, Indy Gregory passed away.

Despite the parents not having specific religious affiliation, a group called Christian Concern has been supporting the family.

They reported that 8-month-old Indi Gregory died after British health officials ordered the disconnection of her life support.

The child's father was not religious, but after the help from Christian Concern and the pure evil that the other side brought upon him, he had Indi baptized before she passed away.

"I am not religious, and I am not baptized. But when I was in court, it felt like I had been dragged to hell," Dean Gregory said. "I thought, if hell exists then heaven must exist. It was like the devil was there. I thought if there’s a devil, then God must exist."

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