Trump's mugshot backfires on Dems, leads to increased Black support for Trump

 August 30, 2023

Democrats quickly learned over the past week that the mugshot of former President Donald Trump they couldn't wait to see has backfired, spectacularly, and will likely have devastating consequences for Dems in the 2024 election.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump's mugshot has energized a critical voting bloc --Black men. That included nods from several famous rappers and countless social media posts made by Black men who have hailed Trump as a hero.

The Democrats' initial excitement in releasing the mugshot was described by the outlet as a "foolish, unforced error."

The Examiner explained:

Perhaps the most immediate consequence of this colossal blunder was that it instantly catapulted Trump to “legend” status in the eyes of the black men who lined the street as his motorcade wound its way to the Fulton County Jail last week. They see the mug shot as a symbol of “the man” sticking it to “the people,” a feeling with which they are intimately familiar.

Many have used Trump's mugshot as their profile picture, expressing support for what is an obvious political attack. Others, like rappers Chief Keef and Lil Pump, expressed their support and even posted images of their own mugshots next to Trump's.

One of the rappers even insisted that should Trump be imprisoned, he'd quickly run things, adding that he'll have Black allies inside, should it come to that.

Other reactions were equally strong in showing support for the former president's legal woes.

"I want to say to the new world order and to the illuminati: Thank you very much for being stupid, dumb, mother f******. We appreciate the fact that you keep elevating my guy, Donnie, to Teflon Don. And as you seen his caravan ride through the hood, and you seen all the love he got, when I tell you I speak for the hood, I tell you this sincerely," Podcaster and convicted felon Antoine Tucker wrote.

He added, "We don’t like you anyway. We don’t like the government. The guy be f****** over the black race for the longest. And we watch you f*** with the only man that’s ever offered black people anything. This n**** want to give us $500 billion, you want to lock the n**** up."

Social media influencer @ImMeme echoed the support.

"If that n**** Trump gets convicted of this crime, and can still run for president, I’m voting for his a**. I’m voting for that n****. I’m voting for him."

Their messaging is resonating across the spectrum, and Trump was already gaining momentum with Black voters, which is nothing less than a nightmare for Democrats.

The Examiner noted:

According to data website Statista, Trump won 12% of the black vote in 2020, compared to President Joe Biden’s 87%. But national polls conducted this month (before the mug shot) showed Trump’s support has grown significantly among this group, while Biden’s has markedly shrunk.

Only time will tell just how much the mugshot stunt backfires for Democrats, but it's already looking really bad for them.