Trump Takes Aim Judge Arthur Engoron After Gag Order Lifted

November 18, 2023

Well, that didn't take long.

Almost immediately after a pause was put into effect on the gag order in the civil fraud case against Donald Trump, our former president let fly:

His first order of business was to call the entire gag order "Ridiculous and Unconstitutional."

It's no secret that Trump is NOT a fan of New York Judge Arthur Engoron.

I wouldn't be either if I were in his shoes, as Engoron has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to Democratic causes in years past.

Each action that liberals try to take against Donald Trump just seem to endear him to the American public even more.

Before, Trump had relatively little proof about the "political witch hunt" he said Democrats were conducting against him.

The evidence was spotty enough that even some Republicans didn't believe him.

Now, after seeing the illegitimate lengths that Democrats are willing to go to in an attempt to disqualify him from the 2024 election, you'd be silly not to believe Trump.

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