Trump Smiling After DeSantis Report Surfaces

 March 16, 2023

Former Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger said that he thinks if former President Trump goes head-to-head with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, "Trump will start wiping the floor" with him.

Kinzinger's comments came on CNN's The Situation Room while he was discussing the upcoming 2024 primary elections.

Wolf Blitzer, anchor of the show asked, "Adam, your fellow Republicans are more interested in a nominee that shares their positions rather than someone that they think will beat Joe Biden. As a Republican, does that concern you?"

Kinzinger answered, "Well, I mean, it depends. I think right now, the majority of Republicans, for instance, support Ukraine. That number changes because they don’t hear from Republican leaders who support Ukraine because they’re, for some reason, scared to talk about it, with a few exceptions. They’re only hearing from Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump, and now Ron DeSantis, who says we don’t need to get involved in territorial disputes. So that makes me question what’s his position on Taiwan and China for things like that."

"I think DeSantis' advantage right now is, he’s kind of like anybody that’s ready to move on from Trump, he kind of gives people an out like yeah, I’m still cool, I want to own the libs, but it’s time to move on from Trump," Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger didn't stop there, he continued, adding some pretty strong remarks about Trump wiping the floor with DeSantis in a head-to-head.

"The problem is, I don’t think that Ron DeSantis has the personality that Trump has, and as they go head-to-head, I really expect that Donald Trump will start wiping the floor with Ron DeSantis in terms of that," Kinzinger added.

Kinzinger continued, "I think there’s a real lane here for somebody that wants to be kind of a traditional conservative Republican if you will, but unfortunately, somebody like a Ron DeSantis is just trying to be Trump-lite."