Trump lawyer on Letitia James: 'She campaigned on Trump'

November 14, 2023

Lawyer for former President Donald Trump, Alina Habba, said Sunday on Fox News that the civil case against Trump was unfair because New York Attorney General Letitia James "campaigned on Trump."

Habba said that she would be filing for a mistrial in the case, but that the judge who would hear the petition was the same one who instituted a gag order against Trump.

The attorney also blasted James for including Trump's children in the case, which could result in up to $250 million in penalties.

"If you patch in the kids, it's more days that Letitia James can go out there and speak, it's more press for her, and it's more of an impact. Radical left liberals don’t really care about facts, they don't care about law. They care about making statements and these kids did nothing wrong. They should not be in this case, Ivanka is out of the case. The boys should not be in the case, their testimony was direct, and they want to make it as if there was some sort of corruption and some sort of conspiracy. There was none," she said.

Habba made the clear point that James had campaigned on going after Trump legally, which played very well in liberal New York.

"Mrs. James wanted a headline, she campaigned on this, remember, before she was even the attorney general. That's how she got the attorney general role. She campaigned on Trump, so she had to follow through, and she should really dismiss this case, it's making her look bad, frankly, and the city needs her attention elsewhere," Habba said.

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