Tom Cotton says Chinese communists humiliated Joe Biden by flying balloon over United States

 February 6, 2023

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday" that President Joe Biden had been embarrassed by the Chinese Communist Party after a Chinese spy balloon flew over the United States.

During the interview, anchor Shannon Bream said "The president’s supporters say this actually illustrates he is doing good job with China. An opinion piece in The Washington Post talks about the spy balloon as clumsy attempt by China. It shows immense capacity to blunder, tendency President Biden exploited, a series of humiliations on chief rival. They point to the embargo, out of china and Philippines expanding access. They say he is doing a good job."

Cotton responded by saying, "Unfortunately, I think the humiliation was inflicted by Chinese Communists on the president. We should have shot it down instead of letting it float across America on its merry way. The idea we would let this go all across America, a spy balloon, complete its spy mission before we shot it down, I’m afraid, is embarrassment to the United States, not to the Chinese communist who are constantly pushing the envelope, constantly probing to see how far they can get away with maligned actions."

President Biden has done nothing but embolden our enemies and no Americans should be surprised at China's brazen behavior. Last week's shocking incident wasn't the first as officials admitted that a Chinese spy balloon had been downed near Hawaii nearly four months ago.

President Biden's handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal sent a message to our enemies that he is weak and will not act to defend our interests.

Joe Biden has been humiliated repeatedly and it wouldn't be shocking to see China continue to infringe on our sovereignty going forward.