Supreme Court Could Strike Down Warren's Consumer Watchdog Legacy

 February 28, 2023

The Supreme Court agreed on February 27 that next term they would take up a case against the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, will have to wait and see like the rest of America while the Supreme Court decides what kind of authority the CFPB has to regulate banking and lending agencies under federal rules.

In a brief order, court justices agreed to consider if the way the CFPB is being funded is constitutional or not.

Banking industry parties have alleged that "the agency is unconstitutional under the appropriations clause of the Constitution."

Currently, the "the financial watchdog sidesteps standard congressional appropriations by only requiring the CFPB director to make requests directly to the Treasury Department."

Of course, I'm always suspicious about trusting anyone that wants to control my money, or my freedom.

In this case, who are you rooting for? The big banks of America that already control too much of our daily life already, or a liberal like Warren that controls even more?

Leave you answer(s) down below.