Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill

November 16, 2023

The Senate this week passed a temporary spending package, sending it to the White House in order to avert a government shutdown before the Nov. 17 deadline.

The measure is known as a continuing resolution.

The White House had already publicly said that once Senate approved the measure, Joe Biden "will sign this continuing resolution that maintains current funding levels and has no harmful policy riders."

A Biden spokesperson explained why the president would move forward in that manner:

Looking ahead, House Republicans must stop wasting time on extreme, partisan appropriations bills that break the bipartisan agreement two-thirds of them voted for and instead work quickly with Democrats on full-year appropriations bills.

The official concluded by saying that "Congress must also address urgent national security and domestic needs  -- including funding for Israel, Ukraine, humanitarian assistance, border security, WIC, and other critical priorities that have bipartisan support."

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