Republicans Refer Michael Cohen To DOJ For Criminal Investigation

November 16, 2023

The Department of Justice is being spurred by House Republicans to criminally investigate Michael Cohen.

Lawmakers want to get to the bottom of whether the former Donald Trump attorney lied to Congress about assisting in inflating the value of assets owned by the Trump Organization.

Now, Cohen’s credibility is on the line, which could jeopardize the recent testimony he provided in Trump’s civil fraud case in New York.


Because if even the liberals start to realize that Cohen can't be trusted, everything he said about Trump will lose all meaning.

Cohen just can’t seem to keep his story straight. That will happen when you’ve told so many lies, you just can’t keep up!

Trump was adamantly clear from the beginning: there was a witch hunt out to get him.

Now, even skeptics can see that he was telling the truth.

With every court case that occurs, it becomes evident that Trump was right.

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