Professor Who Claimed To Be Native American Resigns

August 30, 2023

A University of California at Riverside professor has resigned.

Andrea Smith is out after 13 faculty members accused her of making false claims about being Native American. Smith is not Native American, but she is a hypocrite.

Previously, she had lashed out at "white feminists" falsely claiming to have Indian heritage, saying:

They do this by opting to ‘become Indian.’ In this way, they can escape responsibility and accountability for white racism.

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Smith was a prominent ethnic studies professor who had built most of her identity on her "Cherokee heritage."

The New York Times accuses Smith of never having been able to give a detailed explanation for her Cherokee claims.

When even liberals are pointing fingers and saying that the "wokeness" of the left has gone too far, you know we've entered a dangerous time.

As part of her resignation, Smith is allowed to continue working at the university and teaching classes until August 2024.

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