New York Changes State Election Laws

September 23, 2023

New York State has just announced major changes to its election laws that will totally change the state's election process and maybe even the outcome of these elections.

At least one of the laws has resulted in a lawsuit from the GOP after New York voters rejected the idea as a constitutional amendment.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, decided on Sept. 20 that she should expand absentee voting, push more voter registration, and restrict election challenges.

Hochul pushed ten laws, the most controversial of which is the "New York Early Mail Voter Act," which would allow early voting by mail.

Just two years ago, New York voters rejected a statewide referendum that would have amended the state's constitution to allow expanded absentee ballots.

In 2023 though, Democrats know that they're facing an uphill battle with Republicans across the nation riding a wave of Trump momentum. There are no good options for them to fight against Trump in terms of candidates, so they're trying to do it via trickery.

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