Michigan Dismisses Challenge To Trump's Appearance On Ballot

November 16, 2023

Take a bow, Donald Trump.

You did it.

It appears as though Trump is going to stay on the ballot in Michigan in 2024, and there isn't a thing that liberals can do about it.

This hopefully signals that the rest of America will follow the precedent that's been set.

Trump is ECSTATIC about this news.

Just ask his spokesman, Steven Cheung:

Earlier today, the state court in Michigan dismissed the remaining 14th Amendment challenges to President Trump's ballot eligibility for 2024. This decision follows yesterday’s dismissal of a claim in Wayne County, MI and prior dismissals in Minnesota and New Hampshire, as well as the recommended dismissal of a similar claim in South Carolina. Each and every one of these ridiculous cases have LOST because they are all un-Constitutional left-wing fantasies orchestrated by monied allies of the Biden campaign seeking to turn the election over to the courts and deny the American people the right to choose their next president.

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