Kellyanne Conway: Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real

 March 3, 2023

Former Trump adviser and Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway recently had a discussion with Sean Hannity about how dishonest the liberals of America are these days.

Hannity seemed to think that these gremlins might be able to keep getting away with their fibbing, but Conway had faith that this is NOT going to go on forever.

"They lie all the time. And what bothers me is they get away with it, and they just move on to the next set of lies," Hannity said.

Kellyanne DEFINITELY did not disagree with him, but said that it's probably going to cause liberals problems in the near future if they keep it up.  She continued:

They do, but it’s starting to catch up with him. The media’s job approval has never been so low, the distrust in them. But let’s back it up. Their job is to get the story, but with Donald Trump, their mission was to get the president. Because we shocked the world when he won, not only did they not want him to win, not only did they not vote for him, but they didn’t expect him to. So, I think it was the embarrassment, and they immediately got negative in mean. I call presumptive negativity. There was a conclusion, Donald Trump is taking the wings off the butterflies. Let’s go find the evidence.

"It cost the American people because they wasted so much of their money on that rushing collusion investigation, the Mueller report, the Mueller testimony, the two impeachments that didn’t remove him from office, the January 6, it just goes on and on. It’s relentless to the point where I want to challenge people watching tonight who don’t wear red hats, don’t consider themselves MAGA, don’t consider themselves very strong political people. I want to ask yourself how many times you’ve been lied to, not just by this government but how many times you been lied to by the people whose job it is to tell you the truth and the media," Conway concluded. "All in the service of getting the president. Trump derangement syndrome is real."