Karine Jean-Pierre Refuses To Explain 'Biden Brand' To Reporters

August 30, 2023

We've heard some commentators refer to the "Biden Brand" multiple times in recent weeks.

So why are other people close to the Bidens so reluctant to clue the rest of America in on what that means?

It's because they know that the definition of the "Biden Brand" is NOT good.

In fact, it's straight-up illegal.

That's the phrase Hunter Biden uses to describe benefits he receives simply because of his last name and the power his dad carries.

One of Hunter Biden's closest friends, Devon Archer, will admit that. But the White House won't.

"Obviously, the brand of Biden, you know, adds a lot of power when your dad’s vice president," Archer said. "The power to have that access in that conversation — and it’s not in a scheduled conference call — and that’s a part of your family. That’s like the pinnacle of power in D.C.."

Yet the White House remains silent on what exactly the "Biden Brand" is.

"I’m not going to get into it from here. I’m not going to get into it from here. We’re going to move o," Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters who asked about the "Biden Brand."

That's okay Karine, you don't have to tell us what the "Biden Brand" is.

We already know.

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