George Santos Faces Calls To Immediately Resign

November 18, 2023

When even members of your own party are calling for your immediate resignation, you've really screwed up.

Unfortunately for Republican George Santos, a congressman from New York, that's exactly what is happening to him.

I don't blame Santos' colleagues for being upset at him.

According to several of his fellow lawmakers, Santos has "used campaign funds for personal purposes" and "engaged in fraudulent conduct."

It's important that Republicans represent truth and honesty, otherwise, they are no better than the Democrats they are fighting against.

Having somebody like Santos in the GOP does nothing but bring down the credibility of the entire party.

For what it's worth, George Santos does not agree with the people calling for his resignation, and it would appear that he has no plans to voluntarily resign at the moment, though he has said that he will not seek reelection.

Santos has defending himself in public multiple times against the allegations.

Do you still trust George Santos?

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