Trump mocks reporter who dissed his speaker endorsements

October 27, 2023

Former President Donald Trump used a Sharpie to make corrections to a Capitol reporter's assertion that his endorsements for House speaker didn't mean much, and then Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted it on X.

Punchbowl News reporter Jake Sherman said,

Truth: Trump’s endorsement doesn’t mean much in House GOP leadership races.

He supported Jordan, Jordan lost.

Trump Jr. supported Banks in Jan. Banks lost.

His operation doesn’t have a great feel for the Capitol — never has.

Maybe Trump wants Emmer to lose — maybe he doesn’t actually care. Emmer will win or lose on his own.

But his report was immediately contradicted when Emmer withdrew from the race just hours after Trump said he was opposed to his nomination.

Trump also wrote that Banks "now will be U.S. Senator with endorsement," as if to say that Banks' loss doesn't count.

Trump further claimed he has an "almost 99% success rate" in his endorsements and said, "Better luck next time, Jake!" among other mocking comments.

At least he didn't call him names.

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