Trump in statistical tie with Biden in Michigan

September 18, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is in a statistical tie with President Joe Biden in Michigan, according to a new Susquehanna Polling and Research poll released Saturday that showed Biden three points ahead of Trump but within the poll's margin of error.

A full 46% of voters said they supported Biden, while 43% said they supported Trump. Not only is that number within the poll's margin of error, but it is less than a third of the voters who don't appear to have made up their minds yet on the current front-running candidates.

The state's independent candidates appear to support Biden more than Trump by a 44% to 37% margin.

Notably, 90% of the state's GOP voters back Trump, while 87% of Democrat voters support Biden.

Other current polls show Trump ahead with independents nationally, making Michigan somewhat of an outlier.

Still, it is a swing state and will be important in the general election in 2024. Trump won Michigan's 16 electoral votes in 2016, but Biden got the state in 2020.

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