Trump Has Majority Support In Iowa

September 30, 2023

President Donald Trump definitely has some serious momentum going, there's no debate about that.

However, with all of the legal troubles Trump is facing, as well as a lot of speculation about the state of his finances and marriage, many people are actually forgetting about what Trump is in the middle of doing on the campaign trail.

Despite Democrats making every effort to hinder Trump's march to the White House, our former president is doing some pretty special things when it comes to support in the polls.

Trump has missed BOTH of the Republican debates so far, but he is absolutely SMASHING the rest of the party, regardless.

Many people are thinking that Trump already has the nomination locked up, and this doesn't do anything to disprove that.

Everything that Democrats are trying to do in terms of taking down the former president is only backfiring against them at this point.

Trump is thriving more than ever.

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