Trump Drops Lawsuit Against Michael Cohen, Vows To Re-File Later

October 7, 2023

Donald Trump has agreed to drop his lawsuit against his former attorney Michael Cohen.

At least, that is, for now.

Trump sued Michael Cohen for $500,000,000 in April of this year, alleging a breach of their attorney-client relationship, unjust enrichment, and other offenses.

But on Oct. 5, Trump and his legal team backed off.

They've filed a motion "voluntarily dismissing this action without prejudice."

"Given that President Trump is required to sit for deposition in a civil matter on Columbus Day, when he is scheduled to be in the Great State of New Hampshire, and while the President is fighting against the meritless claims that have been lodged against him in New York, Washington D.C., Florida, and Georgia, as well as continuing his winning campaign, where he is leading the Republicans by 60 points and Crooked Joe Biden by 11 points, to serve as our next President of the United States, President Trump has decided to temporarily pause his meritorious claims against Michael Cohen," a Trump spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that Cohen won't be safe for long, however, adding:

Once President Trump has prevailed in dealing with the witch hunts against him, he will continue to pursue his claims against Michael Cohen, who rightfully deserves to, and will be held accountable for his unlawful words and actions just as the Southern District of New York held him accountable for numerous non-Trump related acts and crimes, making Cohen a very "proud" felon.

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