Jill Biden received secret gift from Meghan Markle via Jen Psaki

 May 19, 2024

Jen Psaki recently published a new memoir, and in it, she reveals how she carried a "special gift" from Meghan Markle into the White House for First Lady Jill Biden.

According to the  Daily Mail, Markle really wanted to give Jill Biden a box of lemons because Jill Biden had reportedly been supportive of Meghan and Harry after their controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey.

For a while, America was interested to learn how the lemons would have ever reached the first lady.

It's not easy to simply send one of the most important people in America a package and expect it to be delivered to her, particularly when it involves food.

Psaki's new memoir has finally solved the mystery:

"How did the lemons get there? Who delivered them? This I can clear up once and for all. It was me! I delivered the lemons," Psaki said.

In order to circumvent the arduous screening process, Psaki had the lemons sent to her own home, and she then carried them into the White House complex, bypassing security measures.

Psaki is going around bragging about how happy she is to break the rules to help out fellow liberals.

She'd better watch out, before she ends up confessing something that is part of a Biden family crime.