Bill Maher wants Joe Biden replaced amid building momentum for Donald Trump

Real Time host Bill Maher is sounding the alarm to Democrats about President Joe Biden and calling for him to be replaced on the Democratic ticket because of former President Donald Trump's surging momentum.

Maher cited the fact that Biden was losing in nearly every swing state with the election just six months away.

Trump has made major gains due to a combination of factors. Firstly, Biden's terrible performance has left Democrats disillusioned and Republicans furious and excited to vote Biden out of office come November.

Compounding this issue is the fact that Biden's advanced age is keeping him off the campaign trail. If it weren't for the fact that Trump is tied up in court fighting a political indictment, Trump would be outcampaigning Biden by a mile.

During Maher's recent monologue, he asked the question that all Democrats have been afraid to ask, "Is it too late to switch [Biden] out." Conventional wisdom says it is too late, but this is an unconventional election.

Biden is lagging behind badly and the margins only seem to be getting worse. If Democrats don't face the music, Trump could have a Reagan-esque victory in November.