Security expert warns about terrorist infiltration over US southern border

October 14, 2023

In the wake of the horrific Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, attention in the U.S. has turned to concerns about possible infiltration of those with similar sympathies via the country's porous southern border, and according to one security expert from Texas, those worries are well-placed, as Breitbart explains.

According to Todd Bensman, he is not alone in his fears that the Biden administration's failure to enforce federal immigration law and its apparent desire for unchecked illegal arrivals will provide the conditions necessary for a devastating terror attack in this country.

Having formerly served as intelligence chief for the state of Texas, Bensman is now with the Center for Immigration Studies, and he has made it clear that with regard to the Israeli conflict with Hamas, “Wars over there really inflame passions over here.”

While Bensman noted that most arrivals to the United States do their best to stay inconspicuous and avoid trouble, certain elements – when properly provoked – “can just get a gun and go into a shopping mall and just lay waste to it.”

Laying out a series of effective procedures implemented in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks in New York, Bensman lamented that under the current administration, such stringent screening of individuals from known terror hubs has largely fallen by the wayside.

The so-called “Special Interest Alien” status that was used in years past ensured that those with possibly terroristic intentions received a heightened degree of scrutiny.

As Bensman explained, “We're going to give you that tag automatically just because you're from that [high terror] country. We're going to profile you for nationality. We're going to bring you in for eyeball-to-eyeball interviews.”

“We're going to make inquiries to friendly foreign intelligence services. We're going to check military records. We're going to check everything we can. We're going to – we're going to test your story that you're giving to us about your travel and all the rest of that,” he added.

Though he asserted that such processes worked on numerous occasions to deter would-be terrorists, once Biden took office, officials “stopped doing that.”

The reason for that, Bensman said, is the sheer number of migrants with which the federal government is now dealing, due to Biden's perceived open-border approach.

“Even when times were normal, they couldn't get to them all,” Bensman said. “They had to prioritize them when it was 3,000 or 4,000 [a year]...but now...the numbers are astronomical.”

In Bensman's view, discussions about possible terrorist infiltration of the country via the southern border amid the war in Israel “is not just crazy [fearmongering] stuff,” and he noted that during his time in Texas, “every time a war broke out over there, we would have all these weir incidents, attacks by Arab men on Jewish facilities.”

Also expressing concern about the link between recent events in Israel and increased risks here at home due to lax border enforcement is former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan, who, as Fox News noted, said this week, “I've never been more concerned about the safety and security of this nation than I am right now.”

“I'm telling you something's coming. I don't know how many terrorists have crossed the border, but someday we're going to find out and it's going to be a bad day for America,” Homan forebodingly predicted.

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