Secret Service Found DNA On White House Cocaine Baggie

November 17, 2023

The U.S. Secret Service has found itself in hot water over a recent incident at the White House that some have dubbed "coke-gate."

After a white bag of cocaine was discovered in the lobby of a part of the White House this past summer, the Secret Service claimed it was not able to identify who was responsible for the drugs.

How did someone smuggle cocaine into one of the most secure buildings known to man?

The Secret Service claimed there wasn’t a trace of DNA to be found on the bag.

Now, we know the truth.

The Secret Service lied.

“We now know they’ve been lying to you about everything. After telling us they didn’t find any DNA and destroying the bag of coke, the documents tell us there’s three tubes of DNA that they didn’t destroy,” said Fox News host Jesse Waters.

So, who were they trying to protect?

Does someone we are trusting with the future of America have a substance abuse problem?

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