Russian Insider 'Plot To Kill Putin Uncovered'

October 6, 2023

Wow, they almost got him from the inside.

The Russian Federal Security Service has announced that a plot to "remove" Vladimir Putin has been uncovered.

The agency's worst nightmare was confirmed when officials learned that the attack was to be carried out by a member of their own department.

A supposed Russian FSB agent is on the run after comments he made recently in a karaoke club in Moscow led to an investigation that uncovered the man was planning on being the one responsible for the removal of Vladimir Putin from the top of the Russian government.

An informant named Mikhail Yurchenko claims he was left "haunted" when a FSB agent was gloating to Mikhail about being assigned the "task" to "remove" Vladimir Putin.

The informant maintains that he "did not argue and changed the topic," during the alleged exchange.

Do you think this probably happened, or is the informant making things up?

The "agent" is on the run regardless, so let's see what happens.

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