Republicans only need one or two net Senate seats to win majority control

 November 20, 2023

Democrats were extremely lucky to achieve Senate majority control during the 2022 election but only did so by a razor-thin margin.

Republicans only need a net gain of one or two Senate seats to win back majority control, and assuming they maintain their majority in the House of Representatives, and hopefully win the White House, Republicans could be on track for a monster legislative session beginning in 2025.

Fox News pointed out five Senate seats currently held by Democrats that could fairly easily be flipped in the 2024 election cycle.

The first of those seats is the one that will be vacant after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) ends his career in the upper chamber -- a bombshell announcement that came last week. Manchin was the only Democrat who had a chance at keeping the seat given that the state has made a deep turn to the right.

Fox News noted:

The consensus was that Manchin was the only Democrat who could win in West Virginia next year after his state shifted dramatically to the right over the past decade. Former President Donald Trump carried West Virginia by nearly 40 points in the 2020 election.

Many Democrats were not happy with Manchin's announcement, as his seat alone could be the one that turns majority control over to Republicans next year.

Gov. Jim Justice (R), a former Democrat, is thought to be the frontrunner for Manchin's vacant seat.

But Republicans stand to gain seats in other states, like Montana and Ohio, where strong GOP challengers have launched bids to capture currently Democratic-held seats.

Arizona is another state that Fox News noted is the most "complicated" of the 2024 election cycle, given the dynamics of who's running. Kari Lake, who failed in her bid to win the gubernatorial race, is expected to make a major play for an Arizona Senate seat.

Fox noted:

But 2022 GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake instantly became the Republican front-runner when she jumped into the race in October. Lake, a former TV news anchor and strong Trump ally, narrowly lost last year's election for governor but refused to concede.

Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state in any general election, will be the one to watch.

Dave McCormick is the Republican challenging Democrat Sen. Bob Casey and has massive backing and resources to take the campaign all the way, according to experts.

Fox News noted:

McCormick had been courted by national and state Republicans to run, and his candidacy gives the GOP a high-profile candidate with the ability to finance his own race that's expected to be one of the most expensive in the country.

Hopefully, Republicans will be able to nab victories in all the aforementioned states, as it will utterly dismantle the left's agenda. But even if they're able to keep what they have and win a couple for majority control, we'll take it.