Rashida Tlaib's planned speech at Arizona State University cancelled

 November 20, 2023

Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MN) has had a planned speech at Arizona State University canceled by the school in the latest setback for the radical Democrat who has made waves for her antisemitism.

A spokesperson for ASU stated that "The event featuring Congresswoman Tlaib was planned and produced by groups not affiliated with ASU and was organized outside of ASU policies and procedures."

However, some say that the official statement was just a cover for the real reason for Tlaib being turned away.

Following Tlaib's expressions of antisemitic views following the terrorist attack on Israel, both Democrats and Republicans both condemned the lawmaker, and she was officially censured by the House of Representatives.

Once news of her coming to speak at ASU broke, Republican Reps. Michael Carbone and Alexander Kolodin joined Democrats Alma and Consuelo Hernandez in warning ASU that Tlaib's presence couldn't be endorsed by the state because of her hostile views of Jewish people.

A joint statement read, "The State of Arizona is a safe place for Jews, both on and off campus, and the antisemitic rants regurgitated by SJP and others are not representative of Arizona values... [Tlaib] has a history of espousing such a view both before and following the deadly October 7 terrorist attacks against Israel that were perpetrated by the pro-Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization."