Paypal founder Peter Thiel says he's 'taking a break from democracy'

November 11, 2023

Paypal and Palantir founder Peter Thiel, allegedly a libertarian but actually a leftist, told The Atlantic in an interview published Thursday that he is "taking a break from democracy" amid discouragement with the state of American politics.

Thiel has sworn he won't give money to any politician in the next election cycle and wanted the magazine to hold him publicly accountable.

He doesn't think it matters who wins the election because everything is such a mess and not what he ever wanted it to be.

He supported and donated to Trump in 2016, calling it a "not very articulate scream for help." He doesn't think Trump's presidency went very well and declined to give a requested $10 million this election cycle.

The billionaire has been targeted by the left, which may be why he's stepping back.

But ultimately, he sees what a lot of people see: the system isn't working anymore. Unscrupulous people have figured out how to twist it to their own desires, and without a moral compass, it can't work properly.

There may be a lot of Peter Thiels in 2024.

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