Nancy Mace rips Democrats on video for claiming there's no evidence against Biden

By Jen Krausz on
 September 30, 2023

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) blasted Democrats on the House floor Thursday for trying to claim that there's no evidence against President Joe Biden, whom Republicans are investigating with an impeachment inquiry.

"Today we’re going to bring the facts. Today we are going to bring the evidence in 2017 The Joe Biden family teamed up with Chinese company CEFC [China Energy Co.] to make millions off of granting access to Joe Biden, Hunter even arranged for Joe Biden to share office space with the CCP aligned company CEFC," she began.

"My Democratic colleagues say none of this is relevant because Joe Biden wasn’t vice president while his family did these shady deals," she went on.

"Turns out that’s complete and total bulls**t," she declared. "It’s a lie. Hunter Biden referred to access to his father as the keys to his ‘family’s only asset.‘ Those words are going to come back and haunt Hunter Biden and his family forever."

Her comments were seemingly supported by legal expert Jonathan Turley, who spoke after her.

Turley said there wasn't enough evidence to outright impeach Biden yet, but that the inquiry was appropriate.