MSNBC Says 'Trump Must Die In Prison' To Protect America

September 16, 2023

Even for a liberal mouthpiece like MSNBC, this is radical.

Columnist Deam Obeidallah claimed that he is "passionate" about the notion that Donald Trump "must die in prison."

"I don’t care if he was 45 years old," Obeidallah said. "You should get life in prison if you attempt a coup, and there should be no chance of parole."

Obeidallah was proud of what he said, even excitedly tweeting about it when news websites started reporting on what he said.

Trump must die in jail according to Obeidallah "because either we’re going to protect the Democratic Republic or we’re going to allow people — in this case, Trump — to chip away at our democracy and chip away at what we believe in these institutions."

"That’s why I’m so passionate about, like with every fiber of my being, that Donald Trump has to live out his natural days, his last days of natural life, in a prison cell," he continued ranting. "That’s why it so outrages me now when Ron DeSantis was on Newsmax a few days ago saying, ‘Oh, we’re going to look at pardons for the Proud Boys, like Trump has said.’"

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