Letitia James Giving Trump 'Corporate Death Penalty'

October 4, 2023

Michael Cohen is a former personal attorney for Donald Trump.

He knows a lot about the insides of Trump's operations, so his opinion on Trump's trial in New York brought about by Attorney General Letitia James is worth hearing about.

"He’s watching as his company, his 50-plus-year company, is in a death spiral. I mean, basically what Letitia James did, our unsinkable attorney general, she gave him the corporate death penalty. Judge Engoron is in agreement with Letitia James that the company should not be able to practice, neither should Donald," Cohen said on CNN recently.

"This is actually a big one for Donald, because Donald’s entire identity, his ego, his superego, have all been predicated around the notion that he is this incredibly rich entrepreneur genius businessman. And what this does is it strips him of all of that. It demonstrates that he’s neither rich, he’s certainly not a genius businessman, and he’s certainly not a good entrepreneur," he added.

Anchor Abby Phillip then asked if Trump "can survive a penalty of a quarter of a billion dollars, or potentially more because it’s really up to the judge what that number ends up being?"

Cohen didn't sugarcoat it, saying of the former president:

He cannot survive this. He cannot recover from this.

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