Kevin McCarthy Predicts Government Shutdown If Biden Doesn't Change

 September 28, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, has said that unless Joe Biden gets off the "sidelines while our border is destroyed day after day, the government will shut down."

It seems serious.

"Just like we’ve had strikes in California and Michigan, and embassies evacuated around the world, his lack of leadership has catastrophic consequences," McCarthy said, adding:

The Senate has not done their job. The Senate has not taken up the House work.

McCarthy then said that unless Joe Biden steps in and makes sure that Senate Democrats step up and do their job, our "government will shut down."

"Just like we’re having strikes in Michigan, just like we had a five-month strike in California, just like we have embassies that are having to be evacuated around the world, that’s a lack of leadership. So show some leadership," McCarthy said. "This is your policies. This wasn’t a policy that was passed through the House and Senate that opened up this border. It was simply your decision." He went on:

It would keep government open, while we finish the job, and hopefully the Senate can get around to appropriation bills.