Journalist says he will no longer work with BBC over its refusal to label Hamas a terrorist group

October 15, 2023

Amid rising global tensions related to Israel's conflict with Hamas, a Jewish journalist who has worked as a contributor with the BBC has stated his unwillingness to affiliate with the outlet any longer after it refused to declare the Palestinian extremists to be “terrorists,” as the New York Post reports.

The reporter at issue is 22-year-old Noah Abrahams, who has provided sports commentary for the BBC's Radio Derby, and he has gone on record to characterize as "unjustified" the network's editorial policy that substitutes the word “militant” for “terrorist” when describing Hamas.

Abrahams made his fans and followers aware of the decision through a post on X (previously Twitter).

“A personnel announcement from me: I will no longer work for or represent the BBC,” Abrahams wrote.

Elaborating on what the move would mean, he added, “No more games this season. No more input.”

The journalist offered more detail on what prompted the declaration during an appearance on TalkTV, a U.K. television network.

“I have morals and I stick by them. I think the BBC's refusal to use the correct terminology is unjustified,” Abrahams stated, noting, “as a Jewish person – there's already enough fuel on the fire!”

The young reporter took specific aim at John Simpson, editor of BBC World Affairs, who had written an op-ed outlining why Hamas operatives would not be referred to as “terrorists” but rather as “gunmen.”

Admitting that his stance was a “monumental career life decision” that could have negative ramifications for years to come, Abrahams said that current circumstances simply would not permit him to take any other direction.

“The fear is real among British Jews, including myself, and this has led me to a significant turning point in both my career and life.”

The BBC, for its part, took issue with reporting in the media suggesting that Abrahams had resigned from its employ.

A BBC spokesperson explained to the Post, “It is incorrect to report that Noah has 'quit,' and we have been in touch with media who have reported as such.”

The representative further described Abrahams as a freelance contributor who has done “occasional work” for the news organization and “doesn't have any future work lined up with the BBC.”

Even so, that does not diminish in the eyes of many the courage that was necessary for Abraham to willingly foreclose future opportunities with a premier employer in order to maintain fidelity to his beliefs.

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