Joe Biden isn't welcome in Northern Ireland unless he renounces anti-Brexit stance

 January 9, 2023

British Brexiteers are warning President Joe Biden not to come to Northern Ireland unless he is willing to either remain silent or renounce his anti-Brexit stance.

Former Secretary of State for Wales Sir John Redwood said, "President Biden wants to come over on the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement and celebrate it but there will be nothing to celebrate unless Stormont is meeting again and functioning."

Redwood went on to say that if Joe Biden and the Democrat Party "truly want to help they must understand the great damage that has been done to the Good Friday Agreement by the EU misinterpretation and mishandling of the Protocol.”

President Joe Biden has sought to interfere and hamper the Brexit process and that stands in stark contrast with his predecessor.

Bow Group chairman Ben Harris-Quinney said, "Britain has never had a greater ally in the support of Brexit than Trump, or a greater foe in scuppering it than Biden."

Considering President Biden is a globalist who believes in the EU rather than national sovereignty, his anti-Brexit stance is understandable. It remains to be seen if the President will seek to make peace or if he continues to undermine Brexit.