Ilhan Omar Refuses To Denounce Hamas Terror

 October 27, 2023

Rep. Jason Smith, a Republican from Missouri, recently stopped by The Brian Kilmeade Show and told America EXACTLY which side America's far-left "Squad" is supporting in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Here's all you need to know:

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar REFUSES to condemn the actions of Hamas in Israel.

The slaughtering of the innocent? She doesn't mind.

Raping of women? Fine by her!

Beheading of children? Not something Omar is willing to stand up in opposition.


Smith wants America to know the truth about these monsters in Congress. He said:

Those nine Democrats are a complete disgrace. Cori Bush comes from my home state. She advocates for defunding the police. The city she represents, in my home state, per capita, has more murders than anywhere else in the United States. These people are not rational. They want to destroy our society and they promote propaganda that is as fake news as you possibly can find. The fact that they're harboring and supporting terrorists who have killed more Jewish people since the Holocaust is absolutely unacceptable and these people do not deserve to serve in the halls of Congress.