Hunter Biden Escapes Tax Charges When Being Charged With Gun Crimes

September 16, 2023

How. How has this just happened. AGAIN.

Hunter Biden has somehow avoided any tax charges.

As one Republican said, deciding to only go after Hunter Biden's gun crimes is like trying to take down a serial killer for jaywalking.

Everyone in America knows that the only thing the elites in America REALLY care about is their sweet green cash. So, if Hunter Biden was ever going to face any real justice, it would take serious tax crimes to convince our government to throw the book at him.

Somehow, he's escaped ALL accountability so far.

Hunter Biden's previous plea deal included tax violations, but after that deal fell apart, where did the tax crimes go?

Hopefully, these charges against Hunter Biden aren't the last to be brought against him.

ABC News has given truth lovers a little help on that front, reporting that "Thursday’s charges are unlikely to be the last."

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