Fox News Proves To Be Hypocrites On TikTok Issue

September 29, 2023

Boy, Fox News sure has fallen.

What was once considered maybe the only trustworthy mainstream news source in America has proven to be anything but.

It's as corrupt as the people it claims to be better than. Sure, maybe the outlet is not AS illogical as MSNBC or CNN, but Fox News is definitely looking out for itself more than the voters of this country.

What executives are doing is clearly nothing but pandering to people they think will make them profitable.

That's why they played tough during the debate, grilling Vivek Ramaswamy for his ties to the Chinese Spyware app TikTok, but ALSO taking money from TikTok to run commercials for the platform during advertising breaks.

Not only was Fox News taking the money no matter where it came from, it looked REALLY dumb doing so.

By the time everyone at the debate was criticizing anyone connected to TikTok, Fox News had already run at least one ad promoting the Chinese spyware app.

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