Former Fox News employee says he was fired for not reporting Trump-appeasing stories about January 6

By Jen Krausz on
 November 16, 2023

Former Fox News employee Jason Donner is suing his former network over its firing of him in 2022, claiming that the main reason for his dismissal was his attempts to deviate from "Trump-appeasing" Jan. 6 coverage.

Donner was inside the Capitol building on that fateful day and says he called Fox News to tell the network it was going to get them killed for reporting that it was a "peaceful protest."

He said he tried to report what he observed later in other news reports but was shut down.

After he missed some work time recovering from the side effects of a COVID-19 vaccine, he says he was fired.

The amount of damages Donner is seeking in the lawsuit was not clear.

It is one of several lawsuits the network has faced recently; the largest was the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit resulting in a settlement of almost $800 million due to the finding that Fox News' negative coverage of Dominion was harmful, untrue, and defamatory.