'Euphoria' producer Kevin Turen dead at 44

November 14, 2023

American film producer Kevin Turen died Sunday at the young age of 44, according to a statement from his father Edward Turen on social media.

Friends and family are reportedly in shock over Turen's unexpected death. No cause of death has been released so far.

“Kevin was so incredibly special, this world is going to be less without him," the statement from Turen's father read.

Turen produced the HBO show Euphoria, which, though it was a teen drama with mature subject matter, was the fourth most popular show on the network.

He also produced The Idol, another HBO show, which was canceled after one season.

Close friend Jay Penske said, "Despite his many achievements in Hollywood, Kevin’s greatest passion was his family and friends. He was so proud of his children. He and his wife, Evelina, were resolved that their children grow up with great values and ensured they make a difference in the broader world. Our collective heart breaks for them, and we all feel such a profound sense of loss. We will miss Kevin so much, and this town lost one of its brightest rising stars today.”

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