Donald Trump takes two-point lead in Wisconsin over Joe Biden

October 16, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has shocked President Joe Biden's reelection campaign by taking a two-point lead in the key state of Wisconsin.

An Emerson College poll found that Trump has overtaken the president in a state that will be critical to winning the 2024 presidential election.

The poll found that 42% of Wisconsin voters would back Trump in a rematch with President Biden, who got 40% of voters to support him.

8% of voters are still undecided with 11% choosing another candidate besides Trump or Biden.

That 11% of voters are concerning for Biden as it is very likely that Robert Kennedy Jr., a former Democrat now running as an Independent, could siphon off those voters giving Trump a massive advantage.

It might be time for Democrats to hit the panic button. President Biden is losing ground on Trump, and there is still another year before the elections.

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