Donald Trump Promises To Keep Gasoline Engines Legal

September 29, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has a plan for America, and it's a little bit different than what America's liberals are trying to do lately.

Trump thinks that the Democratic Party has completely forgotten about the class of people it once promised to protect, and now it is our job to make sure that the backbone of this country is taken care of.

"Today’s radical Democratic Party wants to legalize, drugs, shoplifting, and sexual mutilation of your children, but they want to allow your gas-powered suburban Silverados, your Ford F1-50s to die," Trump bellowed while speaking at a Michigan auto parts supplier rally amid the Autoworkers strike.

"The whole thing is insane. The country has gone insane," Trump said of the opposition.

When Biden is putting China's interests ahead of America's in the name of going green, this is exactly what he gets.

Trump called out the liberals that are ruining this country's working class.

Rightfully so.

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