Donald Trump helps close the empathy gap

By Jen Krausz on
 September 28, 2023

Before Donald Trump became president in 2016, only 30% of voters said the GOP "understands people like them," while 43% said this about Democrats.

Now in 2023, the gap has closed to 41% Democrats, 39% Republicans on that question -- and John Nolte of Breitbart gives Trump credit for the change.

Among some groups -- middle-income households, people without a college degree, and white people -- the GOP number was actually higher than that of the Democrats.

There has also been a 16-point swing toward the GOP on the question among Black voters and a 10-point swing among Hispanic voters, although large majorities of both groups still think the Democrat party cares more about them.

Nolte pointed out that the media has worked as hard as it could to convince voters that Democrats are the ones who care about them, but it isn't really working on most people, given the movement of the polls in the other direction.

The big thing Trump did was embrace the working class, which has changed the dynamic of Democrats owning that demographic.