Democrats Suing Over Election Fraud

October 14, 2023

A growing number of Democrats have recently filed affidavits or lawsuits over election irregularities.

Yeah, they're doing the exact same thing that made them label conservatives "election deniers."

John Gomes, a Democratic mayoral candidate in Bridgeport, Connecticut, filed an election challenge because he is claiming there was "absentee ballot abuse in his primary race last month against incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim."

Connecticut limits who is allowed to put ballots in the election box.

One thing you're definitely not supposed to do in Connecticut is put multiple absentee ballots into the ballot box.

Footage in Connecticut shows people doing exactly that.

I'm not saying that Gomes doesn't have an argument here, but what I am saying is that he would be being brutally mocked if he were a Republican trying to pull a stunt like this.

Donald Trump is literally facing jail time for challenging election results.

Will the same thing happen to the liberals saying the same thing soon?

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