Conservatives Calling For GOP Candidates To Drop Out

 September 30, 2023

The first two debates really haven't done much to close the gap between Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican primary field.

Trump still has a massive lead over the rest of his opponents, sometimes even polling with more support than the rest of them combined in some states.

A lot of conservative minds are suggesting that it's time for at least some of the GOP contenders to drop out of the race.

Instead of splitting support between all of the people who actually show up to the debates, the only way that the former president might be caught is if a few candidates are able to consolidate their supporters into one anti-Trump nominee.

"Honestly, nothing personal, but I felt Nikki Haley won the obnoxious title in this debate," Mark Levin said.

According to him, nobody else did anything to set themselves apart either, and it's time to "thin the herd." He added:

Lots of personal attacks. Her record as governor is also quite weak. Scott began to address it. Pence, Burgum, Christie need to go. DeSantis was very solid. Actually got a bit more time. But time to thin the herd.