CNN Admits Biden Has 'Been Letting' His Family Profit

September 16, 2023

CNN host Jake Tapper has recently been blowing America's mind by suggesting that this country's liberals might not be right about literally everything all the time.

In a move that his bosses must hate, Jake Tapper has made multiple suggestions lately that there are a lot of things that Joe Biden could be doing better.

Recently, he came right out and called Joe Biden corrupt and even suggested that Biden should be subject to the same set of rules that conservatives are.

Such an opinion had probably never been said on liberal television before.

Tapper said, "Does Joe Biden not bear any responsibility for the fact that his brothers and his son have been making millions of dollars, profiting off their relationship to him, being lobbyists and advisers and this and that because of him? Is that not — I understand people in this town do that and their relatives do it, but he’s been letting them do it."

Somebody had to say it.

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