California deputy shot dead in police vehicle

September 18, 2023

California Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer was shot and killed in his vehicle Saturday around 6 p.m. in Palmdale, outside the sheriff's station, according to police, Breitbart News reported.

Someone in a passing vehicle shot the deputy repeatedly, and he later died at the hospital after receiving medical treatment on the scene.

L.A. County Sheriff Robert Luna posted on X, "Deputy Clinkunbroomer left his family tonight to serve our community. He laid everything on the line to serve us. He wore a uniform just like other @LASDHQ deputies wear, driving in a police car, and he was senselessly murdered tonight."

Luna asked for help to get the deputy's killer off the streets: "We really need your help. We need to get this guy off the street — guy or guys. He ambushed and killed one of our deputies. We need your help to get him off the street.”

Gun control is very strict in California, but that doesn't generally stop criminals who don't follow gun laws anyway.

That doesn't stop Democrats from trying to grab lawful citizens' guns every chance they get, however.

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