Boebert Willing To Ditch House Rules That Allowed McCarthy Removal

October 7, 2023

Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert has gotten a lot of attention in America recently for being one of the most attractive grandmothers any of us have ever seen.

But apart from her personal life, which often lands her in the tabloids, Boebert is also famous for being a conservative in Congress.

Boebert is FURIOUS about the set of rules in place that allowed for Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, to be removed as speaker of the House so quickly.

"There is a section of the conference that won’t vote for ANY speaker until this rule is removed," Boebert said. "It is a mechanism based to ensure promises are kept by the speaker. I’m willing to get rid of the rule if we get a speaker who is trustworthy -- and Jim Jordan is absolutely trustworthy."

What do you think about McCarthy being booted so quickly?

Should that be prevented in the future?

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