Biden's Popularity Hits Lowest Point Of Presidency

November 18, 2023

Boy, you would think that it would be hard for Joe Biden's popularity to sink any lower than it already has.

Well, everyone, including me, needs to think again.

Biden's approval rating has dropped AGAIN.

It's a complete collapse at this point.

Anyone who still wants a Democrat in the White House after 2024 needs to be sounding the alarm, because this is not heading in a good direction for them.

Back in June of 2023, Biden's approval rating was 44%.

Back in August of 2023, Biden's approval rating was 42%.

Back in October of 2023, Biden's approval rating was 41%.

Now, in November of 2023, only 40% of American voters approve of the president, according to the most recent poll by Fox News.

Only 1% of voters were undecided, as a whopping 59% of those surveyed disapprove of Biden.

Sixty-three percent of males disapprove of Biden.

Sixty percent of Hispanic voters disapprove of Biden.

Forty-one percent of Black voters disapprove of Joe Biden, with the entire survey painting a bleak picture for the incumbent, indeed.

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