Biden slips on Air Force One stairs after staff pooh-poohed report

September 28, 2023

Video footage of President Joe Biden slipping while walking on the short stairs of Air Force One on Wednesday may not seem like a major thing, but it has greater significance because of an Axios report on Tuesday that his staff is terrified that he will fall again.

Biden has had several major falls caught on camera, including falling off his bike in Rehoboth Beach and tripping over a sandbag during a military ceremony.

So far, he has not been hurt by the falls, but at age 81, the next fall could result in serious injury.

The Axios report said that Biden has been working with a physical therapist to improve his balance and that the therapy has been taking place since 2021.

The report also said Biden has been wearing tennis shoes to more appearances because their grip is better, but that apparently didn't help him on Wednesday.

Biden's staff mocked the report, comparing it to criticism of Barack Obama during his presidential tenure, when he once infamously wore a tan suit.

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